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1. "Advanced"
Stock Market Investor Subscription: $24.95/month

(Per Day: 21 charts, commentary, 2 Matrixes, Buy/Sell Signals
and a daily email summary.)

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2. "Basic"
Stock Market Investor Subscription:

(Per Day: 1 Chart, commentary, and a daily email summary.)

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1. The (full) "Advanced" Stock Market Investor
Try it for 10 Full days at NO charge.

(Per Day: 21 charts, commentaries, 2 Matrixes, Buy/Sell Signals and a daily email.)

Do you want cutting edge information that gives you a strategic advantage in the Stock Market that no-one else has?

Do you want to know WHEN Wall Street or Institutional Investors are moving significant amounts of money into or out of the stock market so you can do the same? 

Professional Money Managers know that when money flows into the stock market, the stock market goes up, and when money flows out of the stock market, the stock market goes down.  (It is why we track money flows and this subscription contains the same analysis and information that our Professional, Fund Managers and Money Managers receive.)

  *** In all, 21 charts and 2 matrixes are provided to Advanced Subscribers such as:

  • Institutional Investor "Accumulation and/or Distribution Activity", Levels, and Trending. (Institutional Investors spend Millions of Dollars to know what to do.)
  • Institutional Investor "Selling" Activity and Trending.
  • Daily Inflowing/Outflowing Stock Market "Liquidity" Levels.
  • Market predictive Inflowing/Outflowing Option Liquidity levels.
    (Many Wall Street firms buy Futures and/or Options before they inject large amounts of money which will move the markets up or down. Follow what they are doing in terms of Strength, Bias, and Timing and you will know what they plan to do in the market before everyone else.)
  • Super Accelerator Model (3) charts on the SPY, NDX, and Russell 2000/IWM with Buy/Sell signals. (Includes Long and Short signals.)
  • A Multi-Indicator Model on the NYA Index.
  • Volatility Index (VIX) (2) charts.
  • And, 2 separate Matrixes on Fundamental Market Conditions.

  • On Mondays "extra" charts include the following charts with analytical commentaries:
  • A multi-index comparative chart on the Institutional Index, the NYA, the SPY, NDX & IWM.
  • A Bull/Bear market timing chart,
  • The Banking Index,
  • Charts on the U.S. Dollar,
  • 10 year Bond yields charts, and ...
  • 30 year Bond yields charts.

With this subscription, you will be able to log in and go to your Advanced Investor Subscriber Section before the market opens every day (or any time you want) and get an in-depth analyses, charts and data, and you will also receive a personal email with a Summary before the market opens each day as well.

**** To find out more and sign up for your 10 Day FREE TRIAL to our Advanced Investor Subscription, simply click on the red link below.

2. The "Basic" Investor Subscription
for only $3.95/month

Every day of the week you will get an updated chart, commentary and email sent directly to you.

Also, you will be able to log-in to the Basic Investor Site and get the day's chart and commentary. The chart of the day will be one from the list below:

1. Institutional Investor Buying and Selling activity. This chart show's a trend line of the net Institutional Buying compared to net Institutional Selling every day.   (When the Buying is predominant, the market goes up and when Selling is predominant, the market goes down.)

2. The VIX or Volatility Index. The VIX moves opposite to the stock market and has an excellent correlation.   Traders use the VIX, to measure greed and fear levels because the stock market reflects those emotions.

3. There is another major key that you must have.   It is the Inflowing Liquidity level on "Options" and its trending direction because the market follows its path.

4. The Transportation Index. The Dow Theory requires that "both" the Transportation Index and the Dow Stocks to trend in the same direction which is why we track & posts the Dow Transports.

5. The "Stock Market's" Inflowing Liquidity Chart. This chart is critically important because the market's rise or fall is all about money.  If the net amount of money going into the market is positive, then the market goes up ... if the net amount of money going into the market is negative, then the market goes down. Knowing this information is a key to being in the trend at all times.

And that is what it takes to trade the markets correctly.



3. The "Free" Stock Market Newsletter Membership:

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Note: This Free Membership option does not provide login access to the Advanced Update or the the Basic Update.  This Free membership has only one chart per week.

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**Background Information** Marty Chenard is the Advanced Technical Analyst and Owner of   He is also the Author and Teacher of two Seminar Courses on "Advanced Technical Analysis Investing", and he has been investing for over 40 years.  In 2001 when the NASDAQ dropped -24.5%, his personal investment performance for the year was a gain of +57.428%.  He is the creator of the Super Accelerator Model, and he has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and indicators.  By using his Models and Indicators, he was out of the market two weeks before the 1987 Crash, and for the 2000 Bear Market he told all his Members to SELL in March 2000.  He is an advanced technical analyst and not a securities broker, nor an investment advisor.