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Our Advanced Investor Subscription is for Investors who need information that no-one else has.

Information that will have you knowing when QE Money or Institutional Investors are moving money into or out of the stock market.   With this subscription, you will be able to log in and go to our Advanced Investor Subscriber Section before the market opens every day and get in-depth analyses, charts and data.  (Don't worry if you don't have time to login, you will receive an email with a Summary before the market opens each day.)

Professional Money Managers know that when money flows into the stock market, the stock market goes up, and when money flows out of the stock market, the stock market goes down.  (It is why we track money flows and this subscription contains the same analysis and information that our Hedge Fund and Money Managers receive.)

In all, over 20 charts are provided each day which include the following:

  • Daily Inflowing/Outflowing Stock Market Liquidity charts.
  • Predictive Inflowing/Outflowing Options market Liquidity levels.
  • Super Accelerator Model charts on the SPY, NDX, and Russell 2000 with Buy/Sell signals. (Includes Long and Short signals.)
  • Charts on the U.S. Dollar,
  • The Banking Index,
  • A Bull/Bear market timing chart,
  • A Volatility Index (VIX) chart,
  • 10 year Bond yields,
  • 30 year Bond yields,
  • And various charts in a daily "Special Section".

What are the favorite charts that Hedge Fund and Money Managers use?

  • Charts showing daily Accumulation or Distribution levels and trending for Institutional Investors.
  • Charts showing showing the trending and relative amounts of Net Liquidity going in or out of the market, and whether it is in a Market Expansion level or Market Contraction level.
  • Charts showing what Option Money is saying about the next market direction. (Some Wall Street firms buy Futures and/or Options before they inject large amounts of money which will move the markets up or down. Follow what they are doing in terms of Strength, Bias, and Timing and you will know what they plan to do in the market before everyone else.)

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**** Marty Chenard is the Advanced Technical Analyst and Owner of   He is also the Author and Teacher of two Seminar Courses on "Advanced Technical Analysis Investing", and he has been investing for over 40 years.  In 2001 when the NASDAQ dropped -24.5%, his personal investment performance for the year was a gain of +57.428%.  He is the creator of the Super Accelerator Model, and he has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and indicators.  By using his Models and Indicators, he was out of the market two weeks before the 1987 Crash, and in the 2000 Bear Market he told all his Members to SELL in March 2000.  He is an advanced technical analyst and not a securities broker, nor an investment advisor.