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Background, History, and Performance
Marty Chenard, Advanced Technical Analyst.


  • The Author and Teacher of two Seminar Courses on "Advanced Technical Analysis Investing"
    Mr. Chenard has been investing for over 44 years. 
  • In 2001 when the NASDAQ dropped 24.5%, his personal investment performance for the year was a gain of 57.428%.
  • He is an Advanced Stock Market Technical Analyst that has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and stock market models.  As a result, he was out of the market two weeks before the 1987 Crash in the most recent Bear Market he told his Members in March 2000 that everyone should SELL.  He is an advanced technical analyst and not an investment advisor, nor a securities broker.

Background Details

Hi, I’m Marty Chenard, the Advanced Technical Analyst for  I have been investing in the stock market for over 44 years, and have created and taught two different Advanced Technical Analysis Seminars.  In addition, I am also the creator and developer of the Super Accelerator Timing System, the Market Liquidity Tracker, and the Institutional Accumulation/Distribution Monitor.

It was in July of 1998, when I bought the name "" from Network Solutions with the dream of this website becoming a reality some day.  I finally launched with the following mission statement: "For investors whose goal is to earn enough money for retirement and to not lose money along the way."

Today, at 64, I am probably one of the few technical analysts that has been through all the recessions, Bull Markets and Bear Markets since 1970.   Most of today’s analysts are young, and saw their first Bear Market in 2001-2002.  Granted, some made a lot of money for people, only to have them "give it all back" as they marched them to the Bear Market slaughter house.  Today, I don’t know of any other website that has "preservation of capital" as one of their critical goals.

I have spent 23 years developing Market Timing Models and systems.  In 1986, the famous Larry Williams (Williams %R) published his early formula which I modified and used in my trading models.  Using these systems, I sold all my stocks two and a half weeks before the 1987 crash.  I also warned all my Seminar Students to sell everything before the recent 2001-2002 Bear Market started.  In 2001 when the NASDAQ dropped 24.5%, my personal investment performance for the year was a gain of 57.428%.  The above is my personal data prior to my launching (See Testimonials for Subscriber & Member Comments.)

An Extensive Knowledge of Business ...

I also did not start without extensive, first hand knowledge about corporate business problems in the U.S.   In 2000, I did my last strategic marketing and corporate turnaround mission, culminating 17 years of consulting and joint ventures with such organizations as: John Hancock, Ivy Mutual Funds, the U.S. Dept. Of Commerce, Analog Devices, and the Regulatory Assistance Center, Inc.

During that time, I generated more than two Billion Dollars for these and other clients, and even won the First Place Award for "Order Generation" from the New England Direct Marketing Association.  I have also developed proprietary Marketing, Demographic, and Pricing Software Programs which are still being sold through distributors.

Today, I spend my full time at, doing Technical Analysis and creating Market Modeling Systems ... following my first passion, and doing what I love to do.


Our key timing model is the Super Accelerator Model.  Market Tracker did a study of the timing signals on our Super Accelerator and the study can be found on these links:  MarketTrackerA and

How can you know if this is something you might want?   One solution I implemented, was to give
away free memberships to our public daily website. That way, over time, you could get a real feel for our insights, and approach to the market. Unfortunately, that doesn't let you see the in depth daily analysis, our Super Accelerator Model, Institutional Accumulation/Distribution levels, trending of Leadership stocks, Fed/Foreign long term Liquidity inflows, and many other daily studies. We used to have only yearly subscriptions, so we added the ability for investors to sign up for monthly subscriptions.  In this way, everybody has the chance to try StockTiming for a short period of time before deciding on a longer membership period.

I continue to invest 20 to 30 hours a month on Research & Development for improving and creating new market timing Models.  I believe that this gives all our Members a cutting edge advantage over other Technical Analyst and Market Newsletters. 

What Special Skills Do I Have, If Any?

Personally, I don’t like telling this story because I feel that people who tell such things are boastful.  I don’t mean to be, and only repeat the story so that you understand the gift I was born with for which I am thankfully appreciative, and to know that I have brought it to our Members and paid Subscribers.

In 1968, during the Vietnam War, the Government secretly sponsored a special program in select Colleges across the Country.  The Mission?  To find the most astute Statistical Analysts in the Country.  Without announcing the purpose, our College offered a “one time only” super-advanced Statistical Course on a volunteer basis ... created by our Government.

After taking the final exam, I was called into the Economics Department 2 weeks later.  At the door, were two men dressed in blue.  As I tried to pass them, they stopped me and told me that I couldn’t enter.  Upon identifying who I was, one of the men escorted me into the Professor’s office where two FBI men where standing. 

The Professor then explained that the course was our Government’s effort to find the best Statistical Analyst for use in the Vietnam War effort.  I was told that I had 1 of the 3 highest scores in the entire country.  From there, the FBI representative proceeded to offer me a job at a weapons test facility where my job would have been to determine “how many of each weapon would have to be deployed in order to achieve a maximum kill-rate for each mass bombing and war encounter.”  Defending myself and others in combat is one thing, but using this gift to kill "the bad, the good, and the innocent" was something I could not acquiesce to in good conscience.   Instead, I have used my skills in business and stock market investing.

I have been blessed in my personal life by this knowledge and have used these skills judiciously.  I bought my first house after college by borrowing $3,000 from my bank and investing in Plastic Stocks.  Recently, in 2005, I sold a piece of land on a local mountain top and grossed over 500% in profits in less than 7 months.  I bought it by using an "option contract."  The land was priced at $75,500.  I paid only $5,000 for the right to buy the land for that price within a 12-month period with transferable rights.  In May, I sold it to a cash buyer for $102,500, netting the difference less about $2,000 in advertising and attorney expenses.

Why Do I Want To Help People?

Many people lost much of their retirement funds in the 1987 and 2000's market drop.  I am a fairly quiet and introspective person.  Mistakenly, I never shared what I was doing in the investment analysis world with my parents or relatives ... a decision that I regret to this day.

After 1987, I witnessed my Father’s cousin losing everything in the 87 crash and going back to work as a grocery store bagger when he was in his seventies.  Before that I felt terrible.  If only I had known that he had committed his life savings in the market ... I could have saved him from the agony that he and his wife went through.

After witnessing people getting hurt again in 2001-2002, it was one of the reasons why the goal of became, "For investors whose goal is to earn enough money for retirement and to not lose money along the way."  I won’t promise to make you 100% per year like many claim, but I will promise you that I will use all my personal skills and efforts to make you the most possible with acceptable risks, and do all I can in my power to keep you out of harm’s way.

Wishing you the best,

Marty Chenard


Marty Chenard, Senior Technical Analyst:
 Marty Chenard
Senior Technical Analyst