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An Institutional Buy/Sell Overview ...

Below is the chart for Institutional Buying and Selling activity for last Friday's close. If you look at the chart you will see that Institutional Buying had a down tick and Institutional Selling had a down tick.

While Institutional Investors are in Accumulation, please be aware that many indexes are in an overbought condition.

What does that mean?   It means, be Cautious and nimble as you go forward.






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2. The VIX or Volatility Index. The VIX moves opposite to the stock market and has an excellent correlation.   Traders use the VIX, to measure greed and fear levels because the stock market reflects those emotions.

3. There is another major key that you must have.   It is the Inflowing Liquidity level on "Options" and its trending direction because the market follows its path.

4. The Transportation Index. The Dow Theory requires that "both" the Transportation Index and the Dow Stocks to trend in the same direction which is why we track & posts the Dow Transports.

5. The "Stock Market's" Inflowing Liquidity Chart. This chart is critically important because the market's rise or fall is all about money.  If the net amount of money going into the market is positive, then the market goes up ... if the net amount of money going into the market is negative, then the market goes down. Knowing this information is a key to being in the trend at all times

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